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Dear Viewers,
Dear Friends,
I am happy to introduce our vision to all of you for your support, good wishes and necessary suggestions to ensure sustainability in coming programs & its outcomes. In this context, we have already performed our best in terms of planning, monitor ring and implementation of the programs related to the upliftment of poor, downtrodden and marginalized population of the society, especially for the women, children and senior citizens, who are in need. Apart from this, we have ever tried to do our best for the establishment of equal & uniform structure of the society- free from fear, starvation, social and economic dependency in real terms. In above context, we have already been performing in the field of the development of the nation with innovative & holistic approach including strong will and inspiration of a great personality, father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and therefore, we are now able to expand our area of operation in more than 15 districts of Bihar & Jharkhand with 14 running programs of different support agencies/govt. departments. Similarly, we have our own set-up of infrastructure in each districts with a huge network of manpower, competent expertise and personals as a work force at village to state level. Here, it is also most important to say, that we are able to establish a good rapport among the mass and this is the achievement of our efforts done during a period of 21 years.
Finally, we are now engaged to develop a new and innovative work plan to introduce the activities with coming /proposed programs related to Human Rights, value-added skill development, social inclusion, care & protection, conservation of natural resources, women empowerment, Conservation of Bio-diversity, Promotion of Renewable energy and arrangements of sustainable livelihood practices, especially in rural areas.
     However, I am very much grateful to our friends, well wishers, Experts, our colleagues, workers/ volunteers and most importantly the support agencies, who has recognized us in initial days also and always supported towards the vision of the organization. Thanks a lot to all of you, I wish for your great future.

Anjesh Kumar