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  1. To work for establishing literate society through imparting uniform & quality education among children and other illiterate groups.
  2. To insure better community health, hygiene and sanitation consciousness along with psycho-social development among the communities.
  3. To encourage sustainable & environment friendly livelihood practices for socio-economic growth of the marginalized communities.
  4. To improve skills and capacities of the vulnerable groups for enhancing their economic opportunities especially of women community.
  5. To promote and protect the national heritage, art & culture and other historical assets of our country.
  6. To work for the conservation of Environment, natural resources and biodiversity in all aspects.
  7. To aware, educate & empower the women and children coming from poor and un-privileged community to ensure entitlement.
  8. To aware, organize and strengthen the community towards the access of their fundamental rights without any discrimination and exclusion.
  9. To work for the betterment of marginalized community in terms of food security, Reproductive health, self reliance and sustainable livelihood practices.
  10. To promote & popularize the alternative and renewable source of energy for innovative and echo-friendly development of the society.
  11. To establish a fear free environment in the society based on the uniformity, social protection, social security and social justice.